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This Germany Travel Guide is full of useful information for your trip to Germany, Looking for accommodation in Germany? Then search our free Germany Travel Guide. Shopping in Germany? Our free travel guide to Germanyis for you. There is no limit to the information we have: details of restaurants for eating out in Germany, bars and nightclubs in Germany , Germany watersports, beaches in Germany, tours in Germany, activities in Germany, are all available for you in our free Germany Travel Guide.

aguide2germany is a new travel guide, for use by anyone traveling or visiting Germany as tourists or on business.

The core of the site is the travel guide which can be navigated through either using the spinners provided, or through the shortcut links provided within the overview section on the homepage. The content is organised first into Germany’s main regions and then into individual towns or locations within those regions.

At both the regional and the town level, further detailed related information is attached, e.g. Berlin has a series of further pages detailing museums, getting around, nightlife, sights.  At each level these pages are accessible in the white margin to the left of the guide content.


Around the main travel guide are positioned a host of different features:



This contains introductory information about the site and us, such as FAQs, our mission statement, terms and conditions of use, site introductions.  The first two buttons are marked ’Travel Centre’ and ’Special Offers’ which are direct links to two specialised parts of the site, containing travel services and last minute deals respectively.



This section permits suppliers to list services on aguide2germany using our online submission engine.  The section is divided into different listing categories.



This section provides live information of relevance to travelers in Germany: news links, currency rates and even the weather.



Along the top, where a toolbar normally resides, aguide2germany replaces this with a ’service bar’. Any specific service category that you wish to view is available here, e.g. accommodation, restaurants, events.  One privileged category is called ’classifieds’ and represents a host of different service offerings, e.g. activities, attractions, nightlife that will be of interest to travelers.


On the right hand side, are links to:



This interactive discussion section allows travelers to feedback and share their experiences with other travelers.



These include newsletters and visitor polls.  These areas will be expanded with further planned features during 2005.


The aguide2germany site is here for you to enjoy and explore. Happy hunting!


Tip: If you get lost at any point, you can return to the homepage at any point by clicking on ’home’ in the main menu section, ’destination guides’ on the tool bar, or simply clicking on the aguide2germany banner at the top of every page.


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